Service Coordinators - Categorical Grants


ROSS Service Coordinators coordinate supportive services and other activities designed to help Public and Indian housing residents achieve self sufficiency or remain independent.

Family Service Coordinators assist families to increase earned income and move towards economic self sufficiency.

Elderly/Disabled Service Coordinators ensure that residents can maintain independent living and age-in-place in their units and avoid placement in a full-care facility to the greatest extent possible.

*Funds are no longer allowed to be used for the direct provision of these services.

**Applicants will indicate if their Service Coordinators will serve families, elderly residents, or a mix of both.


Available Funding: Approximately $36 million
Application Due Date: August 18, 2014
Recipients: PHAs; tribes/TDHEs; nonprofit organizations including grassroots faith-based and other community-based organizations that have resident support or the support of tribes; RAs; resident councils (RCs); resident organizations (ROs); City-Wide Resident Organizations (CWROs); Intermediary Resident Organizations (IROs); Jurisdiction-Wide Resident Organizations; Regional Resident Organizations; Resident Management Corporations (RMCs); Site-Based Resident Organizations; Statewide Resident Organizations (SROs); and Tribal/TDHE resident groups
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