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Guidebooks & Manuals

Title Description
Grants Evaluation Guidebook

  • Program Guidance 2003-02, Revision Procedures for Pursuing Enforcement Actions for Delinquent Annual Performance Reports (Adobe PDF, 35 pages)
  • Program Guidance 2003-03, Revised Sanction Process (Adobe PDF, 56 pages)
Provides general processing requirements, procedures, and tools for Grants Evaluation staff.
NAHASDA Development Series: New Opportunities in Indian Housing
(Adobe PDF, 288 pages)
Describes good practices for NAHASDA planning and program design including planning basics, designing a housing program and operational models.
NAHASDA Dollars at Work
(Adobe PDF, 30 slides)
A presentation from the Association of Alaska Housing Authorities, documenting achievements of NAHASDA.
NAHASDA Side by Side Guidebook Volume 1 (Adobe PDF, 1896 pages)  
One-Stop Mortgage Center Initiative in Indian Country: A Report to the President
(Adobe PDF, 115 pages)
Identifies barriers and recommends solutions to make the mortgage process more user friendly for homeownership opportunity in Indian Country.
Shared Visions: Guide to Creating a Nonprofit Homeownership Entity
(Adobe PDF, 138 pages)
A reference tool for working groups interested in launching a nonprofit with the mission of developing affordable housing and promoting homeownership opportunities.
Tribal Legal Code Project
(Adobe PDF, 931 pages)
A project designed to allow tribal governments to easily access tribal specific resources and make it easier to develop tribal code provisions.
The First National Urban Indian Housing Conference, Expanding the Circle: Building the Foundation for Self-Sufficiency Held in Seattle, WA on March 27-28, 2001.
1st Interagency Conference on Comprehensive Planning in Indian Country: Building Stronger Tribal Communities Through Planning
(Adobe PDF, 2026 pages)
Held in Palm Springs, CA on November 28-30, 2000. Contains over 1,000 pages of written materials collected at the Conference.

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Statute, Regulations, Notices, and Program Guidance

  • Native American Housing and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) Statute
  • NAHASDA Transition Notices
  • Regulations
    • Indian Housing Block Grant (24 CFR 1000) (
    • Indian Community Development Block Grant (24 CFR 1003) (
    • Indian Home Loan Guarantee (24 CFR 1005) (
    • Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant (24 CFR 1006) (
    • Native Hawaiian Loan Guarantee (24 CFR 1007) (
  • Other References

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