1Christmas in April Safe Home Project CDBG
2Low Income Housing Development CDBG2025 Shattuck Avenue
3Residential Access Project for Disabled PersonsCDBG
4Housing Rehabilitation and Development CDBG
5Rehabilitation Loan Servicing Project CDBG
6Relocation Services CDBG
7Residential Rental Inspection Program CDBG
8Seniors Minor Home Repair Program CDBG
9Scattered Site Affordable Housing MULTI3011 Shattuck Avenue
9Scattered Site Affordable Housing MULTI2550 College Avenue
9Scattered Site Affordable Housing MULTI1320 Haskell Street
10Low Income Housing Development MULTI
11Comprehensive Employment Preparation and Placement CDBG060014232000
12Employment, Training, and Social Services CDBG060014229000
13Elderly and Disabled Mobility Project CDBG
14South Berkeley Child Care ProgramCDBG
15Housing Trust FundCDBG
17Homeless Shelter Program MULTI1931 Center Street
17Homeless Shelter Program MULTI2362 Bancroft Way
18Housing Advocacy MULTI2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
18Housing Advocacy MULTI711 Harrison Street
20Housing Advocacy CDBG1040 University Avenue
21One Stop Homeless Employment Center CDBG2807 Telegraph Avenue
22Project Share CDBG3102 Telegraph Avenue
23Senior Home Equity Conversion Program CDBG1305 Franklin Street
24Employment, Education, and Training CDBG3269 Adeline Street
25New Light Senior Center CDBG2901 California Street
26South Berkeley Improvement Fund CDBG
27Employment/Support Services for Single ParentsCDBG3362 Adeline Street
28Outdoor Activity Area CDBGChanning Way
29Seismic Assessment CDBG1410 Bonita Avenue
30Accessibility Project CDBG1819 Tenth Street
31Over 60 Health Center/Elderly Housing CDBG3250 Sacramento Street
32Renovation of South Berkeley YMCA CDBG2901 California Street
33Employment and Business Opportunities CDBG
35Economic Development Program Administration CDBG
36Fair HousingCDBG
37Program Planning and CDBG Coordination CDBG
38Support CostsCDBG
42Men's Shelter ImprovementsESG1931 Center Street
43Kitchen UpgradeESG2218 Acton Street