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Walnut Creek's 1995 Consolidated Plan constitutes a strategic vision for housing and community development in the city. This document summarized the plan so that citizens in the community can have a quick overview of Walnut Creek's housing and community development problems; the 5-year broad goals, strategies, and actions proposed to deal with those problems; and specific projects for carrying out this strategy during 1995. The City is also a participating member of the Contra Costa County Home Consortia. The Consortia's Consolidated Plan, which incorporates the City's non-housing Community Development Plan and its Fiscal Year 1995 Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant program has been summarized and is included on the internet.

Action Plan

The Consolidated Plan also includes an action plan constituting an application for funds under HUD's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for $422,000.

Citizen Participation

The Walnut City Council held a public hearing on the Consolidated Plan and Action Plan on April 4, 1995, and subsequently approved the Plans.


Community Development Needs

There were 31 public service grant request competing for the $114,804 available this year. Together they requested over $250,000. Organizations sought support for a variety of public services, but funding request tended to fall in the following categories:

Food for the Poor$14,185
Health Related Services$28,500
Crisis Counseling$47,750
Technical Training$7,000
Total funds Requested$253,049

Because most requests for City funds fall into the public service category each year, the City is committed to providing the maximum 15% of CDBG funds available each year to public service activities.


Housing and Community Development Objectives and Priorities

The City of Walnut Creek proposes to use its CDBG funds to achieve the following national and local objectives:

National Objectives:

Develop a viable urban community by providing

1) decent housing;

2) a suitable living environment; and

3) expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons.

Local Community Development Objectives:

1) Increase, improve and preserve the housing stock of Walnut Creek that is affordable to low and moderate income households.

2) Provide housing support services, including emergency housing services, fair housing counseling and information services to further fair housing opportunities.

3) Expand and improve the quality and quantity of community services, principally for persons of low and moderate income.

4) Address urgent community needs for targeted groups of residents including victims of crime, those in life-threatening situations, senior, children and the handicapped.

5) Remove architectural barriers to the handicapped and increase opportunities for disable persons to participate more fully in society.

6) Improve and update planning documents which establish future goals and objectives for designated neighborhoods.

7) Provide technical training to promote opportunities for upward mobility for lower-income persons and increase the quality of care provided to target groups.

8) Provide adequate administration and monitoring of program to ensure compliance with the above mentioned objectives and federal regulations.

A total of 21 housing and community development projects have been proposed for the five year period. Estimated cost for these activities is $511,450.


Description of Key Projects

Presented below is the projected use of CDBG funds for the program year 1995-96:

City of Walnut CreekAffordable Housing Fund - Unspecified$ 24,034
City of Walnut CreekProject-Based Housing Subsidy Program$ 200,000
City of Walnut CreekNew Rental/Daycare Program$ 100,000

Friends of CreekImprove Handicap access to creek$ 20,112
C.C. Housing AuthorityRemodel of Central County Homeless Shelter$ 20,000

Family and Community ServicesCaregiver training & Register$ 10,000

Diablo Respite Center$ 4,900
Lions Blind Center of Diablo Valley$ 5,000
Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa$ 6,000
Family & Community Services$ 12,000
Assistance League of Diablo Valley$ 3,000
Court Appointed Special Rep.$ 3,000
Steven A Genard AIDS Assistance Fund$ 4,000
Crisis and Suicide Intervention$ 11,000
Battered Women's Alternatives$ 12,000
Turning Point Counseling Center$ 1,500
Walnut Creek Community Against Substance Abuse$ 404
Shelter, Inc$ 2,000

Program Administration (professional services, salaries, benefits, etc) $ 65,000
Shelter, Inc. (Fair Housing Administration)$ 6,000
Geary Road Area Plan/other studies$ 13,560

COMMUNITY SERVICES GRANTS (Paid with general funds)
Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging$ 6,000
Widows' Network$ 2,000
Family Stress Center$ 3,000
New Connections$ 4,000
Contra Costa Food Bank$ 4,000
AIDS Project of Contra Costa$ 7,500
Hospice of Contra Costa$ 5,000
Wellness Community$ 5,000
Rape Crisis Center$ 4,000
CC Conflict Resolution Panels$ 4,000
CC Child Care Council$ 2,000
Walnut Creek Community Against Substance Abuse$ 2,500
Center for New Americans$ 2,000


MAP 1 depicts points of interest in the jurisdiction.

MAP 2 depicts points of interest and low-moderate income areas.

MAP 3 depicts points of interest, low-moderate income areas, and minority concentration levels.

MAP 4 depicts points of interest, low-moderate income areas, and unemployment levels.

MAP 5 depicts points of interest, low-moderate income areas, and proposed HUD funded projects; in addition, a table provides information about the project(s).

To comment on Walnut Creek's Consolidated Plan, please contact:
Melissa Ayres
Housing Specialist
City of Walnut Creek
Phone: (510) 943-5834, extension 250

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