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Building Innovation for Homeownership
Award Winners: North Dakota

PROJECT: Richmond, Fargo, North Dakota

SUBMITTER: Gerald D. Eid, President, Eid-Co. Buildings, Inc., Fargo, North Dakota

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Richmond development consists of 35 energy-efficient townhomes, including some specifically designed for elderly buyers or people with physical disabilities. The homes feature innovative foundation systems that save money for the homebuyer on both the purchase price and operating costs. The shallow foundation, used extensively in Europe for many years, replaces a deeper, more costly foundation typically found in the United States. In addition to saving construction and energy costs, shallow foundations allow the placement of homes closer to the ground, eliminating the need for entrance steps that are a barrier for some people. Floor plans incorporate other universal design features to make the home more comfortable and accessible for older residents and people with certain physical disabilities -- extra-wide doorways and halls, no steps from attached garage into the home, wide accessible bathroom with optional roll-in shower, and large kitchen.

The 980 to 1700 square foot townhomes have sold at an average price of $80,270 to date, well below median for Fargo. Annual heating costs are estimated at under $200.

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS: Gerald D. Eid, President, Eid-Co. Buildings, Inc., Fargo, ND


Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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