HUD's Hammer Award Winners

Voucher Processing Task Force

Agency Name: HUD/FHA

Team Contact Person: Stephen Burgess
Phone/Fax/Email: (202) 708-0614, Ext. 2588
Address: 451 7th Street, SW
City: Washington
State: District of Columbia
Zip Code: 20410

Brief Description
In November 1995, the first Voucher Processing Center began operations in Kansas City, Kansas,, serving as the prototype center. The Center has greatly enhanced financial controls, has improved customer service and ensures uniformity and consistency in reviews. Customer benefiting from the Center are the owners, management agents, and residents of HUD-assisted apartments. Tangible benefits include: a single point of contact for obtaining consistent policy guidance and technical advice, improved quality of voucher reviews to ensure accurate rental payments, and direct feedback to apartment owners and management agents to ensure timely, corrective actions.

Agency Contact: Rick Greenfield 202-708-2733
NPR Contact: Jerry Nikolaus, phone (202) 632-0150, fax (202) 632-0390, email

Date of Award: 06/18/96
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Award Presenter: Rhea Graham

Content Archived: February 28, 2013