HUD's Hammer Award Winners

Single Family Development Paperwork Reduction Team

Agency Name: HUD\FHA

Location: District of Columbia\Washington
Team Contact Person: Dick Manuel
Phone/Fax/Email: (202) 708-0391
Address: 451 7th Street, S.W.
City: Washington
State: District of Columbia
Zip Code: 20410

Brief Description
This team is in the process of significantly reducing the paperwork involved in the origination of FHA-insured mortgage. Many of the recommendations of this group have already been implemented, eliminating and consolidating origination forms and the elimination of some paperwork requirements.

Agency Contact: Rick Greenfield 202-708-2733
NPR Contact: Jerry Nikolaus, phone (202) 632-0150, fax (202) 632-0390, email

Date of Award: 12/11/96
Location: Washington, D.C.
Award Presenter: Secretary Cisneros

Content Archived: February 8, 2013