HUD's Hammer Award Winners

Greater New York City VA Consortium on Homeless Veterans

Agency Name: HUD\FHA

Location: Georgia\Atlanta
Contact Person: Yvonne Leander
Phone/Fax/Email: (404) 730-5001
Address: 75 Spring Street, S.W.
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Zip Code: 30303-3388

Brief Description
The Government Owned Real Estate team has simplified the disposition of government owned real estate. Individual agencies previously conducted their own auctions under policies and regulations that varied from one agency to another. The Team brought HUD and nine other agencies together for multi-agency real estate fairs and auctions that use a single set of rules and provide easier access for the buying public. Public reaction has been positive and team is expanding its area of operations from Atlanta to include other sites on the eastern seaboard.

Agency Contact: Rick Greenfield 202-708-2733
NPR Contact: Jerry Nikolaus, phone (202) 632-0150, fax (202) 632-0390, email

Date of Award: 05/05/95
Award Presenter: FEA/FEB Atlanta

Content Archived: February 8, 2013