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HUD's FY 2000 Budget

Comments on HUD's FY2000 Budget

Senator Paul Sarbanes of Maryland, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs -- "Today, Secretary Cuomo has delivered another strong budget that is well designed to address some of the challenges in our communities. The Secretary is launching new initiatives to fight drug use among our nation's youth, increase job creation, build new housing an d new businesses, and ensure access to homeownership and economic opportunity for all Americans."

Congressman John L. LaFalce of New York, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services - "It appears that the President's budget request for the Department of Housing and Urban development reflects mostly good choices and funding levels that will begin to meet the varying affordable housing and community development needs across America. I am especially supportive of the fact that the budget provides an additional $2.5 billion more than the level of funds appropriated last year. While I would argue for an even higher overall budget for this critical federal responsibility, within the constraints of the federal budget, I believe the Administration has made a wise choice in funding priorities - creating jobs and economic opportunity, and increasing housing and homeownership availability."

Congressman Bruce F. Vento of Minnesota -- "The President's budget request shows a sound commitment to addressing homelessness in this country�. This budget request is a real victory in coming to grips with everyday challenges in our communities and building upon the American value of opportunity for all."

J. Thomas Cochran, Executive Director, The United States Conference of Mayors -- "We commend the President for this outstanding HUD budget that requests a $2.5 billion increase over last year's funding. We also wish to congratulate HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo, who has taken a troubled agency and transformed it to the point that such a budget request as the one we have before us should be well received by all key decision makers."

Larry Naake, President, National Association of Counties - "The proposed budget would enable HUD, which has undergone significant reform in recent years; to continue to expand its outreach and effective intervention into the nation's distressed communities in suburban, rural and urban America."

Nan Roman, Vice President of Programs and Policy, The National Alliance to End Homelessness - "We are making progress in ending homelessness, thanks to HUD funding. The Alliance looks forward to working with Congress and the Administration both to achieve the President's budget, and to improve the homeless programs to make even more progress toward ending homelessness."

John Sidor, Executive Director, Council of State Community Development Agencies - "HUD's FY 2000 budget request of $28 billion manifests the tremendous strides made by the department and Secretary Cuomo. Both the soundness of HUD's basic programs, such as the Community Development Block Grant and HOME programs, and the almost amazing organizational structural and cultural changes in the department have heavily contributed to this strong budget."

John Murphy, Executive Director, Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies -- "Congratulations to the President and the Secretary for proposing a $2.5 billion increase in the overall HUD budget for FY2000. We endorse the budget's emphasis on economic development and affordable housing�. Once again the budget demonstrates a commitment to meeting our nation's most pressing needs."

Paul Reid, Executive Vice President, Mortgage Banker's Association - "The budget proposal submitted by Secretary Cuomo demonstrates a commitment by the Clinton Administration to building strong communities and establishing the groundwork for continuing economic expansion�. We're pleased to see a budget that supports the production and rehabilitation of affordable housing."

JoAnne Kane, Executive Director, McAuley Institute - "The McAuley Institute applauds the President's FY 2000 budget. Secretary Cuomo's commitment to women and their families is evident in a budget that serves more low-income people and makes the dream of self-sufficiency a reality."

Jeffrey Finkle, President, Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED) - "The Council for Urban Economic Development continues to support efforts to improve the economies of inner cities. HUD's existing programs such as Community Development Block Grant and the Empowerment Zones are efforts to accomplish this important goal."

Cushing N. Dolbeare, Housing Policy Consultant - "The year 2000 HUD budget request continues the progress HUD is making toward addressing its mission of 'a decent home and suitable living environment for every American family' in ways that leverage federal spending by addressing critical barriers to better housing, decent jobs, and expanded economic opportunities for distressed families and communities. It deserves broad and enthusiastic support."

The American Institute of Architects - "The American Institute of Architects supports President Clinton's FY 2000 Budget, with funding increases for Empowerment Zones, Community Development Block Grants and for America's Private Investment Companies."

Content Archived: January 20, 2009
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