HUD's FY 99 Budget
Comments on Hud's Proposed 1999 Budget

"President Clinton's proposals to revitalize America's cities will benefit all Americans. By creating jobs, increasing the supply of affordable housing and spurring economic development in urban America, the President will strengthen the economies not just for cities, but of surrounding suburbs and rural areas as well. The President's new proposals extend a hand of partnership to mayors, the business community and non-profit groups to work together to improve our cities. We are eager to join this partnership and determined to make it work. President Clinton and HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo have proven that they are friends of America's cities and they understand healthy city economies are essential to continue our healthy national economy." -- J. Thomas Cochran, Executive Director, U.S. Conference of Mayors.

"We are excited to hear that HUD funding will increase in the President's budget. It is heartening to know that it is once again realistic to consider increases in funds for existing programs. This proposed budget suggests that Secretary Cuomo's efforts to reform the Department have been noticed and are seen as a success." -- Richard Y. Nelson, Jr., Executive Director, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.

"President Clinton is proposing substantial increases in his FY 1999 budget request for many housing and community development programs that are essential to the revitalization of urban, suburban and rural communities across the U.S. The increases represent the first significant expansion of federal funding for housing and community development in many years. As such, they deserve strong support from Congress." -- Statement by the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding, a coalition of over 120 organizations.

"President Clinton's 1999 federal budget underscores the importance of homeownership by proposing an increase in the maximum home mortgage loan that the Federal Housing Administration can insure. We heartily concur with the President's budget proposal and offer our full support to the effort to make FHA mortgages available to greater numbers of Americans." -- Marc C. Smith, President, Mortgage Bankers Association.

"The budget for HUD will provide valuable housing resources for low-income Americans. The Housing Assistance Council is pleased to see this budget's emphasis on jobs, economic opportunity and housing."-- Moises Loza, Executive Director, Housing Assistance Council.

"In a time of growth, if we are to achieve our country's greatest potential we need to take appropriate measures to insure everyone can participate in the prosperity. Focusing on the housing and community development needs of our inner cities is imperative." -- Bart Harvey, CEO, Enterprise Foundation.

"By increasing funding for programs such as HOME, CDBG and the Homeless Continuum of Care, President Clinton and Secretary Cuomo demonstrate a commitment to affordable housing and increased homeownership activities" -- John Buckstead, Executive Director, National Association of Community Action Agencies.

"We are making progress in ending homelessness, thanks to HUD funding. But if we are to end homelessness for the nation, we must do more. We must build upon these successes so that every person who falls is given a helping hand to get back on their feet. The President's request goes a long way in helping us to do that. We are optimistic that Congress will see the wisdom of continuing to support these effective and efficient programs." -- Nan Roman, Vice President of Programs and Policy, the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

"President Clinton's budget proposal and his continued support of the Department of Housing and Urban Development is testimony that the federal government must take an active role in sustaining the thriving economies that have been achieved during his tenure in our cities. The proposed increase in HUD's budget will facilitate these thriving economies." -- Dianne Taylor, Director, National Community Development Association.

"President Clinton's HUD budget is outstanding. It will strengthen our economy and create jobs by increasing support for housing and community development programs around the nation." -- Cushing N. Dolbeare, consultant on housing and public policy.

"A focus on housing and particularly on resources to strengthen America's communities as a specific budget focus represents a substantial change." -- National Low Income Housing Coalition.


Content Archived: January 20, 2009