Executive Summary
Table of Contents

Message from the Secretary
I. A Two-Step Strategy
A. Step 1: Close the Competence Gap
B. Step 2: Close the Opportunity Gap
II. Jobs and Economic Opportunity
A. Community Empowerment Fund
B. Welfare-to-Work Vouchers
C. Empowerment Zones
D. Community Development Block Grants
E. Regional Connections Initiatives
F. Brownfields
G. Youthbuild
III. Homeownership and Housing
A. Continuing the Growth of Homeownership
1. Higher FHA Loan Limits
2. HOME Bank: Leveraging the Home Program
3. Homeownership Zones
4. Homeownership Empowerment Vouchers
5. Housing Counseling
6. Officer Next Door
7. Lead Hazard Reduction
8. Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
9. Fair Housing
B. Affordable Housing
1. Homeless Assistance Grants
2. Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)
3. Section 8 Assistance
4. HUD's Investments in Public Housing
5. Tenant Choice in the Section 8 Program
6. Native American Housing Block Grant
7. Housing for the Elderly and Disabled
8. Low Income Housing Tax Credit
IV. Program Reforms and Improvements
A. Property Disposition Reform
B. Repealing Unnecessary HUD Programs
C. Section 8 Savings Proposals


  • Appendix A: Summary of 1999 Budget Increases (file was corrupted and is no longer available)
  • Appendix B: Budget Authority by Program, Comparative Summary, Fiscal Years 1997 to 1999
  • Appendix C: Budget Outlays by Program, Comparative Summary, Fiscal Years 1997 to 1999


Content Archived: January 20, 2009