Housing Choice Vouchers Lead to Homeownership for Idaho Residents

Monday, April 12, 2004

With help from the new Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Option, Caldwell resident and single mother Kelly Hynes is now a proud first-time homeowner. A long-time Section 8 renter, she is the first person to buy a home through the voucher homeownership option from Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority.

[Photo 1: Connie Hogland, Shawna Lown, and Kelly Hynes]
From left: Connie Hogland, HUD's Idaho Field Office director; Shawna Lown, SICHA; and Kelly Hynes, homeowner.

Working with SICHA staff, Kelly participated in Idaho Development and Housing Organization's Self-Help Opportunity Program. SHOP credits homebuyers for sweat equity on the construction of their new home. Kelly installed her own siding, insulation, sod, and sprinkler system, and painted her new home.

"Homeownership has made me go from feeling worthless and like my life did not mean much, to making me feel like I am worth something and that I can accomplish anything now," says Kelly. "I have finally given my children a place that they can call home."

[Photo 2: Shawna Lown, Brian Dale, David Patten, and Kelly Hynes]
From left: Shawna Lown, Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority homeownership coordinator; Brian Dale, HUD operations specialist (holding ribbon); David Patten, SICHA executive director; and Kelly Hynes, new homeowner.

Kelly plans to act as an advocate for other Idaho citizens by counseling others who wish to participate in this program.

A number of other homebuyers have recently closed on Idaho homes in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Twin Falls and Greenleaf. The Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Option program in Idaho resulted from a two-year collaborative effort among a number of partners brought together by HUD's Idaho State Office. Partners included the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, several Idaho Housing Authorities, Idaho State Independent Living Council, Fannie Mae, Northwest Regional Facilitators, and the Idaho Development and Housing Organization.

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