HUD Recognizes Exemplary Practices

Thursday, October 21, 2004

In FY2000, HUD developed a Quality Management Review Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of various field office activities. Each year, exemplary performances are recognized by the Department. Over the next month, each of these exemplary practices will be recognized in the Daily Focus Message.

Training HUD Clients for Improved Outcomes

[Photo of Bill Zachares]

Alaska Field Office, Anchorage, AK

Left: Bill Zachares, Director, Grants Evaluation

David Vought, Native American Programs Specialist (not shown)

This exemplary practice streamlines the grants evaluation process for the Office of Native American Programs. Alaska ONAP staff developed an Overall Performance Assessment method that became the basis for modifications in the approach ONAP uses to review grant applications. This exemplary practice has been codified as Chapter One "Overall Performance Assessment (OPA) Guidelines" in the most recent edition of the Grants Evaluation Guidebook for ONAP.

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