HUD Recognizes Exemplary Practices

Thursday, November 04, 2004

In FY2000, HUD developed a Quality Management Review Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of various field office activities. Each year, exemplary performances are recognized by the Department. Over the next month, each of these exemplary practices will be recognized in the Daily Focus Message.

The Who, When and What Chart of Reports to HUD

[Photo of Joni Hendricks]
Joni Hendricks, Public Trust Specialist, Public and Indian Housing, Omaha, NE

This exemplary practice resulted in a business operations and management efficiency for 3300 public housing agencies funded by HUD. Entitled "Chart of Reports due to HUD", this tool provides a list of all public housing programs and the mandatory reporting requirements for each. The Chart of Reports includes the list of program areas, report due dates, type of report, how to submit the report, and a listing of documents or attachments that must accompany the report. PIH employees know at a glance the status of reports due from the public housing agencies they oversee. This tool has been disseminated to all PH field offices and will soon be available on the PIH Office of Field Operations website.

Content Archived: September 09, 2009