Atlanta Regional Office Celebrates Veterans Day - "In Honor of the Veteran"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Atlanta Regional Office celebrated Veterans' Day this year by assembling a program that honored veterans and those who are currently serving in our nation's armed services. The celebration was held in the Strom Auditorium of Atlanta's Richard B. Russell Federal Building. Attendees entered to patriotic music performed by the U.S. Army's 214th Ground Forces Band. Eric Williams, a veteran and a Director of Administrative Resources, launched the event with a description of the economic, social and cultural diversity found among American Veterans. He was followed by an impressive display as a four man Marine Color Guard from Marine Air Group 42 presented the Colors while the Army Band played the National Anthem. The HOC's Joann Frasier, a veteran completed the opening with a touching invocation that demonstrated a veteran Marine's respect for all brothers and sisters in arms.

[Photo 1: Battlefield memorial]
Battlefield memorial displayed on stage

Regional Director, Bob Young introduced the first guest speaker, Larry Burks, Regional Director, Veterans Affairs.  Mr. Burks spoke briefly about some of the benefits provided to veterans and how these have changed over the years.  Afterward, the band played as Eric Williams prepared to introduce key note speaker, Chief Warrant Officer, Ron Young.  CW2 Young gripped the audience with stories of his capture and POW experience following the shoot down of his AH-64 Apache Longbow in the early months of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Ron described how the core values of the U.S. Armed Forces, along with his faith, equipped him with the tools to endure his captivity.

An appropriate music video, 8th of November by the country duo "Big & Rich," was played as a tribute to those who have left their homes to serve our country.  The song describes events from a battle, which occurred on November 8, 1965 in Vietnam fought by soldiers of the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade.  Following the video was HUD Administration's own William Bowles, who recalled his personal experiences from his service as a Sergeant in the same 173rd Airborne Brigade.

The program was concluded with a video of photos of Atlanta HUD veterans set to Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful. 

[Photo 2: CW2 Ron Young]
CW2 Ron Young
[Photo 3: William Bowles, Admin.]
William Bowles, Admin.

Atlanta Regional Office Veterans
Nkechi Adiele (HOC) Allen Lewis (HOC)
Michelle Ahmad (Audit)

Dexter Marion (Enf Ctr)

Tony Bacon (Labor Rel.) William Melvin (MF)
Charles Boothe (CPD)

Terre Mingus (Contracting)

William Bowles (ADMIN)

Ralph Pallone (HOC)

Joseph Brooks (FHEO) Travis Robinson (Audit)
Darryle Burton (FHEO) William Robison (HOC)
George Chabot (Contracting) Dan Rutledge (HOC)
Willard E. Cowan (HOC) Sharon Soogrim (Audit)
Gabe Daugherty (FPM)

Ed Swain (HOC)

Paul Deignan (MF) Kenneth E. Thompson (HOC)
Cecil Dunson (PIH)

Marlene Turman (HOC)

Joann Frasier (HOC) Joel Walton (ADMIN)
Sonia Goodlow (HOC)

LaVeta Ware (HOC)

David W. Hancock (MF) Lance Wasdin (ADMN)
George Harper (Invest) Florence Welch (Enf Ctr)
Ed Harris (HOC)

Johnny White (Enf Ctr)

Conrad Howard (Contracting) Lester Williams (Counsel)
Bonita Howard-Gaskin (FHEO) Linda Williams (FHEO)
Tracey B James (HOC) Eric Williams (ADMN)
Benita Johnson (Enf Ctr)

Donald Winston (MF)

John H. Johnson (HOC)

Bob Young (FPM)

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