FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

National Program NOFA

Some of the programs announced through the SuperNOFAs, particularly the Fair Housing Initiatives, Housing Counseling, and Lead-based Paint Hazard Control programs, have national program components. These national components provide funding to applicants that agree to implement program-related activities on a nationwide scale. For example, these programs may fund applicants to undertake a campaign to publicize/share information related to fair housing or lead-based paint hazard control on a nationwide basis. Because of the nationwide target area for such program activities the national programs do not lend themselves to the common factors for award that apply to most SuperNOFA programs. As such, these national programs are not part of the SuperNOFA. However, HUD intends to announce these programs in one NOFA on or near the date that the first SuperNOFA is published. The factors for award for these programs are also intended to be very similar to the common factors discussed above, but catered to the national nature of these programs.

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Content Archived: July 19, 2012