FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

Corrections to Deficient Applications

In accordance with the regulations of 24 CFR part 4, subpart B, which implement certain provisions of the HUD Reform Act of 1989, HUD may contact an applicant to seek clarification of an item in the application, or to request additional or missing information, but the clarification or the request for additional or missing information shall not relate to items that would improve the substantive quality of the application pertinent to the funding decision.

HUD will screen each application that is timely received to determine whether it is complete, and will notify an applicant in writing of any technical deficiencies in the application.

The notification will specify the date by which HUD must receive the applicant�s correction of all technical deficiencies, which generally will be within 14 calendar days from the date of HUD�s notification. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday, the correction must be received by HUD on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday.

The correction period pertains only to non-substantive, technical deficiencies or errors. Current law does not permit HUD to allow substantive changes to applications after the due date. Technical deficiencies relate to items that:

  1. Are not necessary for HUD review under selection criteria/ranking factors; and
  2. Would not improve the substantive quality of the proposal.

Examples of technical deficiencies would be a failure to submit proper certifications or failure to submit an application containing an original signature by an authorized official. If any of the items identified in HUD�s written notification are not corrected and submitted within the required time period, the application may be ineligible for further consideration.

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Content Archived: July 19, 2012