FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

Public Housing Modernization´┐Żcomprehensive Grants Program (CGP)

The Comprehensive Grants Program is the primary source of modernization funds used by larger public housing agencies (PHAs) to make physical improvements to public housing units and improve the management and operation of the PHA. CGP provides funds, based on a formula, to PHAs that operate 250 or more units of publicly owned housing. CGP funds can be used for capital improvements, major repairs, management improvements, and planning costs. However, the full range of eligible activities is broad, encompassing many types of economic development, self-sufficiency, and resident services initiatives. For troubled PHAs, CGP can fund technical assistance, including private management receiverships, specialized consultant technical support, and cooperative agreements with a well-run neighboring PHA. Near-troubled PHAs can use CGP to prevent their agencies from becoming troubled. In FY98, $2.5 billion is appropriated to public housing modernization. Approximately 88 percent of this amount ($2.2 billion) is allocated to CGP.

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Content Archived: July 19, 2012