FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

Lead Hazard Control

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control. The purpose of the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program is to reduce the exposure of young children to lead-based paint hazards in their homes. This program provides funding to State and local governments to evaluate and reduce lead-based paint hazards in private housing rented or owned by low-income families. Examples of activities that can be funded under this program include:

    • Inspection and testing of homes for lead-based paint hazards.
    • Remediation of lead hazards.
    • Engineering and architectural costs that support lead hazard reduction.
    • Liability insurance.
    • Blood testing of young children.
    • Temporary relocation of families during hazard control.
    • Training low-income persons as lead-based paint workers.
    • Community education and outreach.
    • Data collection, analysis, and evaluation.
    • Pre- and post-hazard reduction testing.

Program Office: Lead Hazard Control


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