FY 1998 SuperNOFA Guidebook

Modernization and Revitalization

Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program. The purpose of CIAP is to help smaller public housing agencies (PHAs) correct physical, management, and operating deficiencies and keep units in the housing stock as safe and desirable homes for low-income families. CIAP provides funding for capital improvements, major repairs, management improvements, and planning costs to PHAs that own or operate fewer than 250 units. CIAP is the primary source of modernization funds for these agencies.

Program Office: Public and Indian Housing

HOPE VI - Revitalization Grants. HOPE VI is designed to aid the transformation of the physical site and social dynamics for low-income residents of severely distressed or obsolete public housing sites. HOPE VI is the sole source of substantial and concentrated capital assistance to public housing agencies (PHAs) of all sizes and characteristics whose level of formula modernization funding cannot support revitalization or major reconfiguration of an obsolete development. HOPE VI - Revitalization Grants fund PHAs to demolish obsolete public housing developments or portions of them; revitalize�where appropriate�sites, including remaining public housing units, on which such developments are located; provide replacement housing and assistance to tenants that will be displaced by the demolition; and implement public housing management improvements. Assistance for displaced tenants is provided through the Section 8 Certificate and Voucher programs. HOPE VI also provides funding for tenant self-sufficiency services, such as child care, employment training, computer skills training, education, transportation, and health care.

Program Office: Public and Indian Housing

HOPE VI - Elderly Housing Grants. The HOPE VI - Elderly Housing Grants program is designed to reduce the number of obsolete elderly public housing projects and create revitalized, new communities capable of meeting the special needs and physical requirements of the elderly. The program provides funding to public housing agencies for the demolition and replacement�where appropriate�of obsolete public housing projects for the elderly. Please see the Targeted Housing and Homeless Assistance SuperNOFA for further program details.

Program Office: Public and Indian Housing


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