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FY 2001 Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Programs Application

Application Package:
There is no separate application kit. In order to address all application requirements for the SHOP program, you must refer to both the General and the SHOP Program sections of the SuperNOFA dated February 26, 2001. The General section addresses all Federal laws that apply to HUD competitive grants, threshold requirements that applicants must meet to be eligible for funding, and the Department’s priority initiatives that applicants are encouraged to implement. The SHOP Program section addresses the unique program requirements for application submission.

Eligible Applicants:
Applicants must be regional or national nonprofit organizations or consortia having constructed at least 30 self-help housing units within a national or regional area within the two years preceding the SuperNOFA announcement. To be awarded a SHOP grant, applicants must demonstrate the ability to construct a minimum of 30 dwelling units at an average cost of $10,000 or less in SHOP funds, and select homebuyers whose incomes do not exceed 80 percent of median income for the area who can make a sweat-equity contribution toward the construction of the home. SHOP funds may be used only for land acquisition, infrastructure improvements, and administrative costs. Applicants must leverage other funds for the construction of the non-luxury dwelling units that comply with local building and safety codes and standards.

Application Submission Requirements:
Applicants must address in narrative form all elements of the five rating factors and submit the required forms, certifications, assurances, and other documentation as follows:

Forms, Certifications, and Assurances:

SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance
SF-424A Budget Information--Non-Construction Programs
SF-424B Assurances--Non-Construction Programs
SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (if applicable)
HUD-424-M Federal Assistance Funding Matrix
HUD-2880 Applicant/Recipient Disclosure/Update Report
HUD-2990 Certification of Consistency with the EZ/EC Strategic Plan (if applicable)
HUD-2992 Certification Regarding Debarment and Suspension
HUD-2993 Acknowledgment of Application Receipt
HUD-50070 Certification for a Drug-Free Workplace
HUD-50071 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions

Other Submission Documents:

  • Evidence of Non-Profit Status
  • Narrative Statements addressing the Factors for Award:
    • Factor 1 - Capacity of the Applicant and Relevant Organizational Staff, including recent audit
    • Factor 2 - Need/Extent of the Problem
    • Factor 3 - Soundness of Approach
    • Factor 4 - Leveraging Resources
    • Factor 5 - Comprehensiveness and Coordination

Content Archived: April 7, 2010

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