FY 2005 SuperNOFA

All Application materials are included in the published NOFA. For FY 2005 electronic submission is mandatory unless the applicant receives a waiver of this regulatory requirement. Procedures for obtaining a waiver are contained in Section IV, Application and Submission Information, of the General Section. The Continuum of Care NOFA is the only program in the SuperNOFA that has retained the paper application process in 2005. Applicants for the Continuum of Care NOFA should follow the submission and timely receipt requirements in the Continuum of Care Program Section of the SuperNOFA.

In order to apply electronically, you must be registered. To register go to www.grants.gov. Due to the mandatory on-line submission, each program contained on Grants.gov will have a zipped file containing the programs required forms, a pdf of both the General Section and the Program NOFA. This zip file is part of the instructions you download from Grants.gov.

Grants Available under the 2005 SuperNOFA: HUD continues to consolidate its grant programs into one SuperNOFA. Each program has its submission dates. Requirements for all programs are identified in the general section and program specific requirements are in the program sections of the SuperNOFA. Please make sure you read BOTH parts as submission instructions have changed considerably. Under each program covered by the SuperNOFA, there is no separate bound application kit. All Standard Forms are listed in the General Section and program specific forms are in the individual program NOFAs for your review.

On-line Submissions

Paper Submission

Important Information Related to the SuperNOFA

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