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Important Information Related to the NOFA

Due to on-line submission, each funding opportunity will be posted on Grants.gov. Applicants must download both the Application Instructions and the Application Package. The Instructions Download is a zipped file containing PDF, doc, and excel files that are not available in the Application Package Download.

Important Submission Tip Related to Zip files.

In order to reduce the size of attachments, applicants can compress several files using a ZIP utility. Applicants can then attach the zipped file to the application package. HUD's standard zip utility is WinZip. Files compressed with a WinZip utility must use either the "Normal" option or "Maximum (portable)" option available to ensure that HUD is able to open the file.

Files received using compression methods other than "Normal" or "Maximum (portable)" cannot be opened and will not be reviewed. Applicants should be aware that if HUD receives files compressed using another utility, or not in accord with instruction from the General Section, it cannot open the files and therefore, they will not be reviewed.

Important Information Regarding Grants.gov

Applicants are reminded that, unless they obtain a written waiver, applications must be received and validated by Grants.gov by 11:59:59 p.m. eastern time on the application deadline date. The validation check can take 24 to 48 hours after an application is received by Grants.gov. As a result, HUD strongly encourages applicants to submit their applications 48 to 72 hours prior to the application deadline date. By submitting prior to the application deadline date, applicants will have time to cure any deficiency in their applications should it fail the validation process. HUD also reminds applicants that, if they have changed their email address, they must also update their Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) registration with Grants.gov. Failure to update the AOR email address will prevent individuals submitting applications on behalf of an applicant from receiving a validation receipt or rejection notice from Grants.gov.

Grants.gov is transitioning from PureEdge to Adobe Reader for a more simplified approach for the users. Grants.gov requires downloading the Adobe Reader to seamlessly apply for grants. To ensure you have the Grants.gov compatible version, visit the download software page at: http://www.grants.gov/help/download_software.jsp. Grants.gov is currently phasing out of PureEdge software to using Adobe Reader software exclusively.

Microsoft Vista and Word 2007 Users

For Windows Vista users, a free Citrix server is available to remotely launch a Windows session and submit completed grant applications.

A limited amount of users can access the Citrix Server at any one time. You will need to save your application often and also log off when you are not working on your application package to help maximize server use. Wait until you are close to completion of your package before attaching any documents to keep the size of the file as small as possible.

Instructions are provided below on how to use the Citrix server functionality.

Windows Vista System requirements are:
128 MB of RAM
10 MB Disk Space

Click here (was linked to http://www.grants.gov/help/download_software.jsp) to Download the Citrix Package for Windows Vista users.

Once you have downloaded a Citrix client, you may link to the Customized Citrix Package Setup guide for further instruction.

  • Mandatory Electronic Submission for Grants (24 CFR Part 5)
  • Zip File Assistance
  • Satellite Coordinates:
    AM-1 (c-band)
    Transponder 9, Channel 9
    3880 MHz Horizontal
    103 degrees W. Longitude
  • More information regarding eLogic Models� and the �Carter-Richmond Methodology� (was linked to http://www.appliedmgt.com/eLogic%20Model.htm)


Content Archived: December 15, 2010

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