HUD Fiscal Year 2003 Capital Fund Program (CFP) Formula Grants by State

The Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development is pleased to provide Fiscal Year 2003 Capital Fund Program (CFP) formula grant information by State. By using this online technology, HUD hopes to expedite the formula grants notification process for states while at the same time saving countless human resources and governmental dollars.

The CFP provides grants to public housing agencies (PHAs) for modernization, development and management improvements. If applicable, replacement housing amounts have been included in the CFP formula amount. The replacement housing funds can only be used to cover the cost of providing replacement housing. A PHA's CFP grant may include a three percent bonus for PHAs designated High Performers under the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), and recaptures, which must be reallocated to PHAS High Performers.

Linked to each state below are the formula amounts PHA's are eligible to receive under the CFP. The data are sorted by State, Congressional District, Housing Authority Code, name of Housing Authority, and shows the amount of money funded for CFP.

You may click on the appropriate link below to view each State's allocation for FY 2003:

Allocations by State

Elected officials who have questions regarding a State's funding for CFP may contact the Grants Management Center at (202) 358-0273 and speak with Virgie Harris, Extension 7644.

To speak with a Congressional Relations Liaison, please contact the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations at (202) 708-0380.

NOTE: Congressional Districts that do not contain a Public Housing Authority are not listed.

Please submit comments or suggestions regarding this notification process to the CIR Web Manager

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