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2000 Best Practice Symposium

Opening Session Summary

The HUD Best Practices and Technical Assistance 2000 Symposium began with singing, clapping, speeches and an audience eager to celebrate all the accomplishments that organizations across the country engage in on a daily basis to help citizens in need. Opening remarks were made by Deputy Secretary Saul Ramirez, which was followed by the presentation of colors and the singing of the national anthem.

"This Symposium is about the successes that we have had in dealing with the many problems across the country," says Ramirez. "This is what the Symposium is all about—building a better tomorrow by sharing our knowledge, preparing for the future and celebrating our many successes. "

Deputy Secretary Ramirez addressed the audience and congratulated them for all their efforts in making America a better place. "I want each and every one of you to know that you are at the heart of our mission and we could not have done it without your help," says Ramirez. "Day in and day out we work to empower people and communities to make sure no one is left behind in this era of prosperity."

Keynote speaker Anthony Williams, Mayor of Washington DC, explains in his speech that he would like to communicate to people across the nation that Washington DC is not just a city with just government buildings and monuments. He stresses that Washington DC is a real city where families work, children go to school and where people live. "On behalf of all the citizens of this city I want to thank all the best practices around the country because you are showing us how it is done…thank you," says Williams.

Reid Temple AME Church’s (http://www.rtamec.org/) Youth Choir and Flowers Family Choir entertained the audience. The audience clapped their hands, stomped their feet and swayed their bodies as the choirs lifted their voices. In addition there was a video clip presentation with messages from President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and HUD’s Secretary Andrew Cuomo, along with examples of various HUD programs across the country.

Deputy Secretary Ramirez applauded the work that has been done so far but he stressed that as a country we still have a long way to go to help the less fortunate members of our society. "America can do better than she is doing," says Ramirez. "But the fact is we need to continue to work together by sharing, preparing and succeeding as true partners and we build a better America in this 21st century."

The ribbon cutting ceremony and the grand opening of the Exhibit Hall followed the opening session.

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Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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