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2000 Best Practice Symposium

Workshop Session Summary:
HUD’s International Program

Venturing Past Our National Borders

Since the early 1990s the Office of International Affairs, has shared, prepared and succeeded with a mosaic of countries located throughout the corners of our world. Currently, the International Affairs staff under the auspice of Secretary Cuomo has established working relationships with nine nations, including Israel, China, Central America, Mexico and South Africa. Although the individuals living in these countries converse in a language other than English and have customs that are foreign to a number of Americans, many face the same housing and community issues that affect our communities here on the homefront. Highlighted below are some domestic, innovative solutions that are now successfully implemented and used abroad.

CENTRAL AMERICA: In Fall 1998, Central American and the Caribbean suffered not one but two debilitating blows by two hurricanes—Mitch and George. As a result of Secretary Cuomo’s first-hand assessment of the destruction and coordination of U.S. government-wide relief and reconstruction strategy, HUD received $10 million from Congress to manage the reconstruction. The results thus far are life-changing. HUD and the region’s community-based organizations and local banks are working together to increase lending to low-income borrowers affected by the hurricanes’ aftermath.

CHINA: Secretary Cuomo traveled to China this past May to advance the U.S.-China Housing Initiative. As a result HUD in conjunction with the Chinese Ministry of Construction to execute two major projects. The first will design and implement with the help of the American private sector an affordable housing project that will create safe, energy-efficient housing for low-income households. The second also requires the assistance of the American private sector and will help reform the Chinese legal and regulatory system.

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Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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