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2000 Best Practice Symposium

Workshop Session Summary:
Neighborhood Networks National and Local Partner Showcase

Neighborhood Networks National and Local Partner Showcase

These sessions featured presentations by Neighborhood Networks national and local partners to showcase activities partners are undertaking in conjunction with Neighborhood Networks centers across the country. As mentioned in previous partnership sessions, partnerships are relationships between two or more organizations where all parties agree to work together. Partnerships are a key component of helping to maintain and sustain Neighborhood Networks centers.

The Neighborhood Networks National Partner Showcase session featured the following partners:

  • Technology for All – Technology for All is a national nonprofit organization with a national technology infrastructure that allows it to be an Application Service Provider to local digital divide initiatives throughout the nation.

  • PowerUp – PowerUp is a national initiative launched in November 1999 by more than a dozen nonprofit groups, corporations and federal agencies to provide computers, trained technology staff, free email accounts, healthy snacks, and interactive online programming to community organizations throughout the country that are committed to bridging the digital divide.

  • America Reads – America Reads is a grassroots national nonprofit organization that challenges every American to help all children learn to read. America Reads provides instructional materials to establish and enhance literacy programs for children.

  • ThinkQuest – ThinkQuest is a program for students ages 12-19 that encourages them to use the Internet to create information-rich web-based educational tools and materials. The students are eligible for scholarships and awards, and in the process learn collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking skills that help raise their level of educational and technological expertise.

The Neighborhood Networks Local Partner Showcase session primarily featured a presentation by Dr. Eugene Brown, the Chair of the Applied Science and Technology Department at Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Brown spoke about the mission of the College, which includes outreach activities that the College coordinates with a Neighborhood Networks center in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Brown also spoke about a variety of partnerships that could be applicable to Neighborhood Networks centers across the country. For example, a partnership with an automobile company could provide training to youth at Neighborhood Networks centers to provide them with valuable skills to help make the youth employable.

To obtain additional information about Neighborhood Networks national and local partners or visit the Neighborhood Networks (www.neighborhoodnetworks.org/) web site.

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