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1999 Best Practices

Nomination Form

Nomination Category (check applicable)
Fighting for Fair Housing Promoting Jobs and Economic Opportunity
Increasing Affordable Housing and Homeownership Empowering People and Communities
Reducing Homelessness Restoring Public Trust

Description of Activity and Customers: Name the activity (e.g., homeownership fair, community partnership agreement) and describe its salient points. Who were the customers/beneficiaries?

How Entity Determined the Need for the Activity: What is the need to be met, and why was this the right activity to meet it?

If Best Practice was the result of a partnership effort with HUD, please describe:

Result: What was the measurable result of your activity? (e.g. Increase inefficiency, decrease in cost, improve quality of life, etc.)

Materials Created that Can Be Shared:

Estimated Cost:

Presentation Medium (check all that apply):
General Presenter
PowerPoint Presentation
Video Presentation
Poster Display
Handout Material
Slide Presentation

Audio/Visual Needs: (check all that apply):
Overhead Projector & Screen
PowerPoint Ensemble
Slide Projector & Screen
Other (please list)

Name of
Fax No:

HUD Office:
Fax No:

Please forward all supplemental material c/o
Tawanna Preston
Executive Secretariat Room 10139
U.S. Dept. of HUD
451 7th Street S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20410
ATTN: Best Practices Nominations

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Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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