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1999 Best Practices Winners

In our continuing efforts to identify innovative, high-quality performance and transfer that learning, we are "mining" our 1999 Best Practices database and developing winning success stories. We hope you find these stories informative and that they assist in nurturing communities of excellence within the HUD community.

Our best practices classification scheme will facilitate sharing these success stories and relevant best practices across program areas and throughout the HUD community. Simply click on the category that interests you to see a list of the success stories in that area.

Developing and Managing Staff - (Develop, train, motivate and retain employees, labor-management)

Influencing Policy - (Regulation, legislation, lobbying)

Developing Community Relations - (Manage community relationships, community building)

Managing Financial Resources - (Manage financial resources, process finance and accounting transactions, report information technology)

Managing Information Resources and Technology - (Manage information resources and information technology)

Building Partnerships - (Manage partner relationships, communicate with stateholders, manage legal/ethical issues, build public relations)

Delivering Service to Clients - (Plan for and acquire necessary resources, manage service delivery)

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction - (Determine customer needs/wants, monitor changes in customer expectations, measure customer satisfaction)

Asset Management - (Manage physical resources, produce quality products)

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Content Archived: April 20, 2011

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