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Community Builders Fellowship Program - Introduction

To the Best and the Brightest:

As we approach the 21st Century, communities across the country - particularly our urban centers - are faced with complicated economic and social challenges. To meet those challenges - and foster hope for coming generations - requires a deeply committed and experienced cadre of Community Builders - local leaders who know how to use existing resources in better, smarter ways.

Take a look around your community. Do you see ways you can help create new opportunities? Do you see problems that -- given the chance -- you think you could help solve?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development wants to give you that chance. In partnership with Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, HUD is pleased to launch the Community Builders Fellowship program. By becoming one of a new, prestigious team of community builders, you can use your experience, your knowledge, and your special skills where it matters most - in your own neighborhood.

The aim of the Community Builders Fellowship is to recruit and prepare a new generation of leaders - from diverse professions - who are committed to building a stronger, healthier American Community.

To become a Community Builder you must have the know-how to help cities and towns access national assistance and cut through red tape. You must be able to help a community design an effective strategy to address a full range of needs - including housing, economic development and homeownership.

If chosen for the program, you will receive four weeks of training at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government during the two year Fellowship. You will serve on the front lines in one of 81 cities across the country - as HUD's front door - providing a critical point of contact for thousands of people who count on us. You will become the new face of HUD.

If you have the skills, the drive and the desire to make a difference, you can become a Community Builder. See our brochure for more details on applying.

It doesn't take a lifetime to make a difference; in two years as a Community Builder, you can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Come join us.

Last updated: December 5, 2000

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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