Reaching the Dream -- How to Participate

Qualifying Criteria for Receipt of TA and Training

The following criteria will be used as guidance for selection of qualified faith-based and community organizations.

Quote: Homeownership promotes stronger neighborhoods. Homeowners are more likely to maintain their property and participate in neighborhood-based social and polity activities. -- from the Urban Policy Brief
  • Possess a current 501(c)3 or be a state-certified nonprofit, and be able to provide appropriate documentation such as an IRS or State letter of certification
  • Demonstrate more than 1 year of service in the community being served
  • Operate at least one office or program site that is within the targeted community
  • Certify that you are not a current recipient of Federal housing-related funds
  • Have comparatively little (or no) previous experience with HUD and its programs and services as they relate to supporting residents of public housing or supporting homeownership
  • Have at least one program that focuses upon homeownership training or have demonstrated an interest in and capability for pursuing HUD funding and services opportunities
  • Utilize volunteers and be able to document the level of volunteer hours committed to your homeownership program
  • Maintain an active Board of Directors and be able to state names and contact information
  • Operate on an annual social service budget of no more than $500,000
  • Document number and positions of organization's program and management staff by providing a current organizational chart/list
Content Archived: June 23, 2010