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History of the
HUD NextDoor Kiosk Initiative

The HUD NextDoor Kiosks were part of a broader initiative called HUD NextDoor and was created by Secretary Andrew Cuomo. The initiative was launched in 1998 and various pieces lasted until 2009.

The HUD NextDoor Kiosks (renamed/refocussed in 2005 to Government Information Kiosks) offered basic information and services 24-hours a day. Originally envisioned as an "ATM-like" machine that would be built into "HUD NextDoor Storefronts," the Department quickly realized the need to expand the program. To that end, three versions of the kiosks were created:

  • A permanent, built-in version installed at Storefronts,
  • A stand-alone version to be installed at malls, shopping centers, libraries, and other places people frequent on a daily basis, and
  • A traveling version to set up at trade shows, fairs, and other public events.
At the height of the program, there were a total of 120 kiosks installed with at least one located in every state, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. There were also 5 "traveling kiosks" that were shipped around the country upon request by HUD staff.

In 2005, HUD took on Federal partners' and hosted content from the IRS and EPA and the Departments of Labor and Education. Each agency contributed $15,000 and signed an inter-agency agreement to join the kiosk project.

By 2007, the kiosks had begun to show their age. A technical and physical refresh was done and, in recognition of our partnership with other agencies, the kiosks were rebranded "Government Information Kiosks." It was at this time that the total number of kiosks was dropped from 120 to 72, due to a combination of budget constraints and a more targeted placement strategy.

In 2009, the kiosk project was ended in a cost-cutting decision.

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