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Government Services Kiosk Project

Goal: Create an easy-to-use "ATM" that dispenses government information and services that citizens - particularly low income citizens and those who do not have ready access to the internet - can use, in places they frequent.

  • The Plan: Turn HUD's already successful kiosks into "Government Services Kiosks" by inviting other Federal agencies to join a partnership

    • Year 1: Begin to incorporate content from other agencies into HUD's existing kiosks; and begin to upgrade kiosk equipment

    • Year 2: Establish an interagency kiosk board, comprised of representatives of the partner agencies, to manage the kiosks

  • The challenges ahead

    • Incorporate content from multiple agencies in a kiosk customer-friendly manner

    • Advertise the new, improved Government Services Kiosks to attract new/return visitors

    • Upgrade the existing kiosks to state-of-the-art kiosks - possibly with keyboards that can enable kiosk users to complete online transactions

    • Change the "HUD" branding to "U.S. Government" branding

    • Establish a partnership pact that ensures equitable share of the costs and equitable say in direction

    • Find ways to put citizen services online, ensuring both security and privacy

  • Next steps

    • Sign partnership agreements

    • Develop partner content and a new front page

    • Advertise the new partnerships/information available

    • Study the results

    • Begin establishing the long-term partnership Board and funding structure

  • What you should do

    • Think this has possibilities? Go back and sell your agency

    • Work with HUD to execute an Interagency Agreement

    • Identify a single point of contact, with whom HUD can work

    • Look at your websites and identify high level content (most requested information) that might be appropriate for kiosks

    • Work with HUD to trim your content into good, easy-to-use kiosk content

    • Help us promote your content, watch the statistics, and see that this can be a great way to reach an audience you wouldn't normally reach

  • Contact: Helen Savoye and Joanne Johnson (202) 708-1547

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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