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HUD�s DC Storefront Saves On Costs; Efficient In Design

In early 1997, Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo directed HUD staff and the agency�s consultants to design a new field office for HUD with two criteria in mind: it must be welcoming and inviting to the public, and it must be cost efficient.

The DC Storefront Office accomplishes both. By reducing space in the current DC HUD Office, the agency will save about $104,000 in rent every year.

As a result of some DC field staff moving to the Storefront, the current DC Office, located in the nearby CNN Building, will reduce its size from 35,600 square feet to 23,600 square feet -- a 12,000 square foot difference. HUD pays $27.39 per square feet in the CNN Building. The agency will pay about the same, $28, for 8,000 square feet of storefront space in the new office. Most storefront space in DC is substantially higher than $28 per square foot. The average cost for non-storefront, government space is $31 per square foot in the District.

Other costs have been kept to a minimum as well through selection of less costly materials, such as poplar wood. Furniture and work stations also are less expensive than in many government offices. For example: The workstations in the new Storefront Office cost about $3,500 each, compared with an average government workstation cost of $5,000.

Buildout costs also are substantially less -- $23.80 per square foot, compared to average storefront buildouts that often exceed $50 per square foot.

Last Updated: December 15, 1999
Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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