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HUD's New Information Products

HUD�s Storefront Office is introducing four new informational products that use state-of-the-art technology to inform the public about HUD services:

Around-the-clock HUD Kiosks installed outside of HUD offices and in other areas easily accessible to the public for 24-hour use; basic service and program information can be viewed and printed from the kiosks.

Easy-to-use computer programs loaded on personal computers that provide detailed information about HUD services and programs. Known as the HUD Answer Machine, the user-friendly computers and printers will be placed in reception areas of Storefront Offices; currently all of the agency�s 81 field offices have HUD Answer Machines for public use.

New computer mapping software, called Community 2020, that provides the latest project and funding information on all HUD programs in thousands of cities across the country; it displays project location, purpose, number of people served, and dollar amount.

A new version of HUD's award-winning Internet Home Page, which can be accessed by anyone with a computer;

These public information products have a �look and feel� consistent with the new storefront and have been designed to make it easy to obtain information about HUD and communities.

The HUD Kiosk gives the most basic information about HUD and its programs. HUD�s first kiosk will be located in the Storefront Office in Washington, DC. In coming months, HUD intends to put kiosks in public places across the country where citizens can simply push buttons to access needed information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

HUD's Answer Machine provides an easy to use �front door� to HUD's Internet home page, including a simple version of HUD's award-winning Community 2020 mapping software. Citizens visiting any HUD Office can use the Answer Machine to find out how to buy homes, find housing, get involved in their communities, and fill out a housing discrimination complaint form online.

Community 2020 pinpoints funding on any street corner in America and display various formulations of the data by income levels and racial breakdowns. To ensure that users have the latest data available, we provide new project information every month that can be downloaded electronically via HUD�s HomePage on the Internet.

HUD's redesigned Internet Home Page is more user-friendly than before. Consumer information has been added and highlighted. A terrific new section called "Kids Next Door" helps teach children ages 5-12 about communities and the importance of good citizenship.

Last Updated: December 15, 1999

Content Archived: January 20, 2009

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