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What Will You Find At HUD's Storefront Office?

Personal Contact With Knowledgeable HUD Staff

  • Pro-active HUD employees called Community Builders
  • Experienced HUD program experts
  • A first point of contact with the Department
  • Guidance on all HUD programs
  • Program technical assistance
  • Names of local homeless shelter providers
  • How to expand your business in an urban area
  • A model for new HUD offices across the nation
  • How to get involved in your community
  • How to help the homeless
  • Satellite training presentations
  • Space for community meetings
  • Review a HUD-funded community's comprehensive plan

State-Of-The-Art Technology

  • Dedicated computers - HUD Answer Machines
  • Interactive "Kids Next Door"
  • Access to HUD's Internet Home Page
  • Online library loaded with research, reports, and more
  • User-friendly computers and printers
  • Maps showing HUD activity in every community
  • Find out instantly "how much" home you can afford to buy
  • HUD Community 2020 Mapping software
  • Location of HUD funded projects in your community
  • HUD projects in thousands of communities nationwide
  • HUD project data by income levels and racial breakdowns
  • Project location, purpose, people served, and dollar amount
  • What's already working in communities around the country

Information About HUD Services And Programs

  • How to buy a home
  • How to apply for rental assistance
  • How to get a home improvement loan
  • HUD's SuperNOFA and how to apply for a HUD grant or loan
  • How to file a housing discrimination complaint
  • Helping the homeless with the "continuum of care"
  • Information for people with disabilities and other special needs
  • How to get a refund of an FHA mortgage insurance premium
  • How to get a HUD-insured reverse mortgage
  • Business opportunities through HUD grants, loans, and contracts
  • Information on GNMA mortgage-backed securities
  • HUD's "best practices" and examples of outstanding projects
  • Get help through a local Community Development Block Grant

"Touch Screen" Kiosk Outside The HUD Storefront

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Make your home healthier
  • Be aware of frauds and housing scams
  • View information on-screen or print and take home
  • Find HUD properties for sale in your area
  • Use an electronic mortgage calculator
  • Print-out of HUD approved lenders
  • Print a list of local housing counseling agencies
  • Basic service and program information
  • Cut through the red tape of the government bureaucracy
  • Learn about your housing options
  • File a housing discrimination complaint
  • Practical tips for consumers
Last Updated: December 15, 1999
Content Archived: January 20, 2009
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