An Awesome Opportunity for Our State

[Photo 1: participants listening to HUD Secretary Jackson�s keynote address.]
A large and diverse crowd filled the Ballroom of the Birmingham Jefferson County Civic Center for HUD Secretary Jackson�s keynote address.

[Photo 2: participants at  the Grant and Funding Resource Conference]
Almost 600 people took part in HUD's two-day Grant Writing Training.

[Photo 3: participants listening to the trainer Fredric explain the �Logic Model�.]
Trainer Fredric Washington explains the �Logic Model�.

�An awesome opportunity for our state� said one participant about the �Grant and Funding Resource Conference� sponsored by Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus on May 1, 2 and 3, 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama. HUD played a leading role among the Federal Agencies participating. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson�s keynote speech and HUD�s two-day �Grant Writing Training� helped draw an estimated 1200 Alabamians to the event. More than 800 attended the luncheon at which the HUD Secretary spoke; almost 600 attended the Grant Writing Training.

Secretary Jackson announced acceptance of the State of Alabama�s $74 million Katrina Recovery Plan. Eligible activities in the plan will be funded with HUD�s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Supplement. "This funding will go a long way toward helping some of Alabama's hardest hit communities to ramp up their recovery efforts," said Jackson. "Whether it's giving a boost to local job markets or helping families to rebuild their homes, HUD's in this for the long haul."

Congressman Bachus organized the event "to fill the gap between agencies that provide funding and eligible applicants who may or may not be aware of opportunities.� He said, �It is my responsibility to provide Alabamians with the information they need to gain federal support for needed local projects.� Participants came from 50 of Alabama�s 67 counties. In addition to Bachus� office, most Congressional offices in the state took part. Congressman Artur Davis addressed the opening session, praising the teamwork shown by Alabama�s entire Congressional delegation.

Thirty-five federal and state agencies brought information about funding programs available to local governments and faith and community-based organizations on the first day of the conference. Fredric Washington, Tampa Field Office Faith Based Community Initiatives Liaison, led HUD�s grant writing training. Washington drew on his pre-HUD experience writing and receiving a YouthBuild grant to bring home the lessons of grant writing. He focused especially on improvements to the difficult logic model that have been possible under the eGOV initiative.

Evaluations of the Grant Writing Training were overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of attendees felt �More Confident� to submit federal grant applications. Participant comments included: �I am pleased to see my tax dollars go toward such a worthwhile event!�, �This conference was truly a God-send.�, �Thanks for the logic model.� and �Thanks to Representative Bachus and HUD.�

Content Archived: July 11, 2011