Special Housing Types, an Alternative in Alabama

[Deborah D. Lee, Veterans Affairs HUD-VASH Regional Coordinator.]
Deborah D. Lee, Veterans Affairs HUD-VASH Regional Coordinator.

On September 27th, Alabama Field Office's Public and Indian Housing division alongside Field Policy and Management hosted an informative virtual conference on the Housing Choice Voucher for public housing authorities. The HUD team was honored to welcome our presenter, advocate and partner, Deborah D. Lee, Veterans Affairs HUD-VASH Regional Coordinator.

Communities across Alabama have tight housing markets and there is substantial need for more affordable and accessible housing. The topic of discussion was special housing types such as single room occupancy, congregate housing, group homes & shared housing. Lee shared how housing authorities can create new housing opportunities for our aging homeless veteran population using existing regulations for reasonable accommodations.

"These types of conferences are crucial for us because we can conversations about the housing needs in our communities and discuss solutions," said Kenneth Free, Alabama Field Director.

The housing authorities were encouraged to work with their Veterans Affairs VASH coordinators in their communities to identify and/or develop special housing types. Lee encouraged participants to join upcoming Community of Practice calls in October to learn how other housing agencies across the county have developed or are in development stages with shared housing.

Velma Byron, Public Housing Director, received positive feedback from the housing authorities for the informative session and the opportunity to address common concerns of lack of affordable rental housing in Alabama.


Content Archived: January 6, 2023