Springdale leads the way in effective use of ARRA funds

(l-r) Don Hancock, Springdale Community Development; Mayor Doug Sprouse; FOD Alice Rufus; CPD Director James Slater

On March 11, 2010, Little Rock Field Office Director Alice Rufus, on behalf of Deputy Regional Director Donald Babers, presented Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse with an Honor Role Certificate recognizing their achievement as the first city in Arkansas to spend 100% of their American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. The funds were used by the city to improve the housing quality of Springdale residents and help reduce their utility bills.

When the city was informed they would receive ARRA funding for Energy Conservation Projects they identified 12 homeowners that were in need energy efficient upgrades. Springdale’s goal was to assist homeowners that are physically and financially unable to make home improvements to reduce their monthly utility bills. With the ARRA funding they were able to replace 9 HVAC systems, replace the window in 11 homes, insulate the attics of 7 homes, replace 8 toilets with water-saving toilets and replaced all the lights in 12 homes with compact fluorescent lights.

Content Archived: June 11, 2012