Public Housing Authorities Provide
Disaster Housing Assistance Programs

photo: image of a half-destroyed house

When tragedies occur, agencies come to our aid. Local, state and federal agencies provide supportive services to those who cannot remain in or return to their homes. Preparation for the unthinkable can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters. In order to provide emergency assistance, several Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) within Arizona stand ready to serve families displaced under catastrophic circumstances.

Disasters disrupt thousands of lives every year. We watched in disbelief as the California wildfires, and the winds and waters of Katrina and Rita, displaced thousands of families. We bore witness as houses were consumed by fire or destroyed by water. We watched helplessly as our neighbors became homeless.

photo: image of a destroyed house

During recent years, these local PHAs have regularly volunteered to participate in disaster assistance programs. In order to serve displaced families, the PHAs have revised administrative plans to incorporate disaster preferences. They have borne additional administrative expenses and burdens associated with disaster programs.

The following PHAs have continually extended a helping hand to assist disaster-impacted families. They are hereby recognized for their compassion and willingness to lend a helping hand in the time of need: Housing Authority of Maricopa, City of Glendale Housing Authority, Tucson Community Services Department/Pinal County, Mesa Housing Services, City of Tempe Housing Authority, and Mohave County Housing Authority. We thank them for their continued support in housing disaster-impacted families.

Content Archived: August 17, 2011