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Head Start: Denver HUD Employees Provide Shoes for Children

[Photo 1: Shoe Drive HUD Team poses on steps]
Shoe Drive HUD Team at Drop Off

On December 13, 2011, several Denver Region VIII employees delivered gifts of new shoes to Head Start program children throughout the city. The highlight was giving the festive-decorated holiday bags filled with shoes to the pre-schoolers at Columbine Elementary School in northeast Denver and seeing their expressions of absolute appreciation. Regional Administrator Rick M. Garcia the annual HUD regional office event is a wonderful expression of the employees' compassion, thoughtfulness and sense of making people’s lives better during the holiday season. Regional Administrator Garcia thanked all the employees who dug into their pockets and purchased shoes for children in need this year.

Jeramie is thankful.
In particular, Regional Administrator Garcia expressed appreciation to HUD volunteers who attended and helped with the shoe distribution at Columbine School including: Linda Cluck (Multifamily Hub), Janine Halverson (Multifamily Hub), Jovanna Morales (Multifamily Hub), Audrey Mailes (Multifamily Hub), Lynn Neely-Edmonds (Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity), Elizabeth Cypers (Counsel), Maren Trochmann (Office of Public Housing), Effie Russell (Field Policy and Management) and Christine Baumann(Field Policy and Management.) Regional Administrator Garcia added a special thanks to Linda Cluck and Janine Halverson for organizing and coordinating the invaluable effort.



Content Archived: October 24, 2013

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