Energy Efficient Renovations Promote Environmental Consciousness in Northern Virginia

Loudoun County Emergency Homeless Shelter.

A homeless shelter and single family housing complex in Loudoun County, Virginia are much more energy efficient thanks to HUD's Community Development Block Grant Recovery Act funding. The HUD investment of $244,615 is benefiting citizens of the County by providing improvements in energy efficiency while creating and/or retaining local jobs.

The funds were used on a solar system for Loudoun County's emergency homeless shelter and an energy efficient rehab for the Windy Hill community. Loudoun County's emergency homeless shelter houses families as well as single men and women. This shelter contains 20% more beds than the preexisting facilities and is designed to serve an expanding population. In addition to the shelter being built to LEED certified green standard, the solar panels will generate more than 13.5% of the total kilowatt hour energy needed to operate the 8,500 square feet shelter. Over the life of the building, more than $195,000 in renewable energy is expected to be saved.

Windy Hill Cottages

The Windy Hill Cottages is a community consisting of 11 low-income single family housing units. The energy efficient rehab project was necessary in order to bring this community up to code as well as improve energy efficiency, accessibility and quality of life. Renovations were made to the heating and air conditioning systems, windows, plumbing, roofs, and drainage. The ARRA funds have significantly increased the useful life of the homes while improving the quality of life of the residents. Both projects provide long-term energy efficiencies and a source of pride for Loudoun County.

Content Archived: May 25, 2012