Gabe: HOME Funds Success Story

[Photo: Gabe standing in the kitchen of his apartment]
Gabe standing in the kitchen of his apartment

Gabe is a resident of Broadwater Place II, a 12 unit apartment complex with 100% of the units set aside for very low income people who are considered "chronically homeless". These units were constructed using a State of Florida Homeless Housing Assistance Grant, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta's Affordable Housing Program funds and City of St. Petersburg HOME funds. A pro-forma is attached for your information.

Gabe is a Veteran of the US Navy where he was enlisted from 1974-1977. Gabe was deployed overseas in the Mediterranean area of Europe. When he returned to the civilian life in Connecticut, Gabe became embroiled with drugs and alcohol. He found himself addicted and homeless. He was arrested and sent to prison.

Gabe was diagnosed with mental illness in 1994. He refused help and treatment and lived homeless for seven years. Gabe traveled to St. Petersburg to find housing with his parents. He was able to live with them for a period of time, but became homeless once again when he began to use drugs and alcohol.

Gabe ended up at the Homeless Emergency Project in Clearwater, Florida. HEP and the VA referred Gabe to Boley's Morningside Safe Haven, a low demand residential facility designed to help Veterans get off the streets and into treatment. After six months of living and participating in the programs at Safe Haven, he found himself with a very special Christmas present - a brand new apartment at Broadwater.

Gabe loves his apartment. He spends his days working out at the YMCA and volunteering at St. Anthony's Hospital. He helps his mother care for his father on weekends. He is very active in his church and credits his faith with helping him to kick his addictions. Gabe is a regular at local AA meetings and continues to grow and set goals as he continues his recovery.


Content Archived: January 6, 2014