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October 21, 2006


FLORIDA - FAIR HOUSING CONTINUUM, INC of COCOA, FLORIDA today received a grant of $275,000. The grant will assist in the private enforcement of the Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Continuum, Inc. was selected by The Department of Housing and Urban Development, which awarded $18.1 million in grants to 102 groups in 85 cities throughout the nation to help reduce housing discrimination.

The grants, funded through HUD's Fair Housing Initiatives Program, will be used to investigate allegations of housing discrimination, educate the public and housing industry about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act, and work to promote equal housing opportunities.

"These grants will help us continue our efforts to educate the public and housing industry about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act," said Kim Kendrick, HUD's Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. "No one should be denied the opportunity to live where they want because of how they look, or the religion they practice, or because they have a disability."

Grants were awarded under one of two initiatives:

  • Private Enforcement Initiative grants (PEI) - HUD awarded $13.9 million to assist groups in the
    investigation and enforcement of alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act and substantially equivalent
    state and local fair housing laws.

  • Education and Outreach Initiative grants (EOI) - HUD awarded $4.2 million to groups that educate
    the public and housing providers about their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local fair
    housing laws.

Fair Housing Continuum, Inc., (FHC) will provide fair housing enforcement services, including complaint intake and investigation; recruitment and training of testers; paired-testing of housing providers; and inspections of newly constructed condominiums and apartments for compliance with the design and construction requirements of the
Fair Housing Act. FHC will also conduct education and outreach activities that will result in an increased public awareness of the Fair Housing Act and the number of complaints received by the agency.

HUD received applications from 268 groups seeking grants, a 7% increase over fiscal year 2005, out of that group, 102 winners were chosen based on a number of criteria, which included the demonstration of results and program evaluation. Grants were awarded to fair housing organizations in the following states:

Alabama - $923,876 Montana - $99,987
Arizona - $270,144 Nebraska - $372,277
Arkansas - $34,088 Nevada - $203,629
California - $2,350,947 New Jersey - $375,000
Colorado - $100,000 New Mexico - $149,721
District of Columbia - $149,080 New York - $986-896
Delaware - $50,000 North Carolina - $88,022
Florida - $1,024,972 North Dakota - $214,769
Georgia - $94,950 Ohio - $1,293,905
Hawaii - $275,000 Oklahoma - $274,766
Idaho - $80,961 Oregon - $368,678
Illinois - $1,736,402 Pennsylvania - $1,021,352
Kansas - $99,926 Rhode Island - $100,000
Kentucky - $205,258 South Carolina - $99,992
Louisiana - $475,000 Tennessee - $275,000
Maryland - $99,716 Texas - $1,017,855
Massachusetts - $647,210 Utah - $77,310
Michigan - $480,326 Virginia - $60,415
Minnesota - $99,937 Vermont - $100,000
Missouri - $100,000 Washington - $650,000
Mississippi - $597,634 Wisconsin - $374,996

FHEO and its partners in the Fair Housing Assistance Program investigate approximately 9,000 housing discrimination complaints annually. People who believe they are the victims of housing discrimination should contact HUD at (800) 669-9777 (voice), (800) 927-9275 (TTY). Stay on top of the most up-to-date news regarding the Fair Housing Act
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NOTE: A list of all grant recipients is available on the HUD website.


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