Honolulu Field Office Newsletter
Spring 2003

Na Hana Ku Aloha
´┐ŻAchieving Through the Spirit of Aloha´┐Ż

Volume 5 Issue 2

$2.3 Billion in HUD Grants Available for FY2003

More than $2.3 billion in grants is available for fiscal year 2003. The SuperNOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) is HUD's way of streamlining the process for announcing 43 competitive grant programs at one time. Each grant has its own application process and its own deadline. For each program covered by the SuperNOFA, you can download the application from our website.

Live Satellite Broadcasts. HUD will conduct a live satellite broadcast from Washington, D.C. for each grant program to help potential applicants prepare an application. See the chart below for the schedule of satellite broadcasts reflecting Hawaii's time zone. If you have a movable satellite dish, you can tune in to the broadcasts from your home or office. Check our website for the satellite coordinates.

Attending a Broadcast at the Hawaii State Office. If you wish to view any of the live satellite broadcasts in the HUD Hawaii State Office, please call us at 522-8175 Ext. 0 to express your interest and to confirm the day and time of the broadcast and to reserve a space at least 2 days prior to a scheduled broadcast. This will ensure that we can accommodate you.

An option to the satellite broadcasts. You can also view live webcasts or webcasts from our video library over the Internet. Click here to find information on HUD webcasts.

SuperNOFA Information Center. If you have any questions about the SuperNOFA, in general, please call the SuperNOFA Information Center at 1-800-HUD-8929 or 1-800-HUD-2209 (TTY).

Application Kits. All the required forms and formats for application submission is in the April 25, 2003 Federal Register. This year's SuperNOFA includes everything an applicant needs to prepare their funding request of HUD. The forms and information are also available from HUD's website.

Guidebook & Further Information. A SuperNOFA guidebook, "Connecting with Communities: A User's Guide to HUD Programs and 2003 SuperNOFA Process" is available from the SuperNOFA Information Center and the HUD website. This guidebook is an excellent resource for understanding all of HUD's programs.

SuperNOFA Grant Program Satellite Broadcast Schedule
Due Date
Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Institutions Assisting Communities May 14, 2003
5:00 am - 11:00 am
$6.981 million
June 12, 2003
Assisted Living Conversion Program for Eligible Multifamily Projects May 22, 2003
6:00 am - 11:00 am
$64 million
July 10, 2003
Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) May 27, 2003
7:30 am - 9:30 am
$29.5 million
July 16, 2003
Community Development Technical Assistance (TA) May 12, 2003
7:00  am - 11:00 am
June 4, 2003
HOME - TA   $8.3 million  
CHDO - TA   $6 million  
Homeless Assistance - TA   $6.6 million  
HOPWA - TA   $2 million  
Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC) May 14, 2003
5:00  am - 11:00 am
$5 million June 24, 2003
Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC) Community Futures Demonstration May 14, 2003
5:00  am - 11:00 am
$1.955 million June 24, 2003
Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance

May 28, 2003
7:00  am - 10:00 am

$1.06 billion July 15 2003
Supportive Housing      
Shelter Plus Care (S+C)      
Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation SRO      
Follow-up Broadcast - Continuum of Care June 19, 2003
7:30  am - 10:00 am
Fair Housing Initiatives Program

May 8, 2003
8:00  am - 10:30 am

  June 5, 2003
Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI)   $10.2 million  
Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI)   $5.318 million  
Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI)   $2.1 million  
Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control Programs

May 9, 2003
6:00  am - 10:30 am

  June 10, 2003
Lead Hazard Control Program   $103 million  
Healthy Homes & Lead Technical Studies   $5 million  
Healthy Homes Demonstration Program   $5 million  
Lead Outreach Grant Program   $2.2 million  
Operation Lead Elimination Action Program   $9.935 million  
Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program Coordinators May 6, 2003
5:00  am - 6:00 am
$47.68 million May 30, 2003
Housing Counseling Program

May 21, 2003
7:00  am - 10:00 am

  June 25, 2003
Local Housing Counseling Agencies   $12.45 million  
National & Regional Intermediaries   $18.16 million  
State Housing Finance Agencies   $2 million  
Predatory Lending   $2.7 million  
Section 8 Homeownership   $2 million  
Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program
Renewal for Permanent Supportive Housing Grants   $28.8 million  
New Projects or Continuing projects May 16, 2003
5:00 am - 7:00 am
  June 17, 2003
CDC Study May 29, 2003
7:30 am - 10:30 am
  July 9, 2003
Mainstream Housing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (Section 8 Housing Vouchers) May 7, 2003
9:30  am - 10:30 am
$53.6 million June 18, 2003
Public Housing Resident Opportunity & Self-Sufficiency Program (ROSS)

May 13, 2003
6:00 am - 10:30 am

Resident Services Delivery Model - Elderly and Persons with Disabilities   $9.30 million June 11, 2003
Resident Services Delivery Model - Family   $14.345 million June 19, 2003
Homeownership Supportive Services   $11.127 million July 7, 2003
Neighborhood Networks May 8, 2003
6:00  am - 7:30 am
$14.902 million May 27, 2003
Rural Housing and Economic Development May 6, 2003
6:30  am - 8:30 am
$24.8 million May 27, 2003
Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly May 15, 2003
8:30  am - 11:00 am
$473.8 million June 13, 2003
Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities May 15, 2003
8:30  am - 11:00 am
$116.8 million June 13, 2003
Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) May 27, 2003
5:00  am - 7:00 am
$25.08 million July 3, 2003
Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing May 22, 2003
6:00  am - 11:00 am
$25 million July 10, 2003
Student Research & Study Programs May 7, 2003
5:30  am - 7:30 am
  May 27, 2003
Early Doctoral Student Research Grant   $150,000  
Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant   $ 400,000  
Community Development Work Study   $3.1 million  
Youthbuild May 6, 2003
9:00  am - 11:00 am
$54.6 million June 6, 2003

Highlighting New Changes to SuperNOFA

For potential applicants familiar with HUD's SuperNOFA, there are three overall changes to the grants program, besides specific changes to individual programs. First, there is a new rating factor 5, "Achieving Results and Program Evaluation". Applicants must now complete the "Logic Model" HUD Form in the General Section of the SuperNOFA. Second, the minimum score threshold is now 75 points. And, third, there are changes to the standard forms such as a new form replacing SF-424. Please read both the General Section and the Program Section carefully. Pay particularly close attention to the submission requirements and format for submission as specified in the Program Section of the SuperNOFA.

Other HUD News

CPD Holds Workshop for Homeless Providers

On February 13 & 14, the Office of Community Planning and Development held a two-day workshop for the Hawaii Homeless Providers on the step-by-step process of grants writing. The speaker was Mr. Donald Chamberlain of AIDS Housing of Washington, who gave an informative presentation on "Writing Winning Grant Proposals." He offered tips on: avoiding common grant seeking errors, writing the proposal, tracking contacts, and submitting the proposal. Another featured topic was "Creating an Effective Fundraising Program," which included basic strategies for fundraising, costs for fundraising, and ways to show evidence of fundraising. On the second day of the workshop, Mr. Chamberlain conducted training on "Negotiating Successful Collaborations." Workshop participants learned how to network to effectively develop a successful collaboration to achieve desired results.

BIA Home Building & Remodeling Show

On February 6 through 9, the Hawaii State Office staff participated in the 9th Annual Building Industry Association (BIA) Home Building and Remodeling Show at the Neal Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall in Honolulu. HUD shared a booth with USDA Rural Development where we promoted homeownership and HUD's single-family mortgage insurance programs. Our handouts also included a fact sheet on predatory lending. PEMCO (HUD's Management & Marketing Contractor) and their Broad Listing Broker joined us in helping to promote our HUD Homes for sale. HUD staff presented an educational seminar on "Preparing for Homeownership" and another session on "Fair Housing Accessibility" along with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (a Fair Housing Assistance Program Agency). The Show also offered other seminars on remodeling, steel framing, glass block installation, wireless alarm technology, landscape design, mold, the home loan process and long-term care. Attendees enjoyed various cooking demonstrations by some of Hawaii's favorite chefs including free samples of their delicious recipes. There were over 250 exhibitors showcasing their products and services and approximately 19,000 people attended the Show.

HUD Partners with University of Hawaii for Federal Funding Workshop

Over 50 faith-based and community organizations registered for a grants writing workshop, "Partnering for Federal Funding: A Grants Writing Workshop", presented by the Hawaii Minority Entity Capacity Building Project at the University of Hawaii's College of Education on April 11. The Project is part of a three-year grant awarded to the College of Education to provide outreach, technical assistance, and capacity building to Hawaii's minority entities to increase their ability to apply and carry out grants, especially in disability-related programs. Minority entities include under-represented populations such as Asian/Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians, and other ethnic groups.

The all-day workshop focused on such grant writing basics as: dissecting the grant, writing a needs assessment (telling your story), and budget planning. The HUD Youthbuild grant was used as a hands-on demonstration of what a federal grant writing process could entail. Each participant received not only a binder of helpful tips and tools, but also a choice of a CD or diskette of valuable handouts to practice on and gain experience for successful grants writing.

Promoting Homeownership on Kauai

Mahalo to USDA Rural Development for inviting the HUD Hawaii State Office to join them in promoting homeownership at the 11th Annual Contractors Association of Kauai Building & Remodeling Expo on April 11 and 12. The Expo, presented by First Hawaiian Bank, was held at the Kauai Veterans Center in Lihue. Over 20 exhibitors were on hand to demonstrate their products and services to assist with any home building and remodeling project. HUD promoted its single-family mortgage insurance program while USDA promoted its Rural Housing Service programs. Congratulations to the Contractors Association of Kauai for putting on another successful expo!

Excess Computers Benefit Kalani High School

On April 25, Kalani High School received a donation of computer equipment as a result of entering into an agreement with HUD. As an educational institution, Kalani High School will be required to use the equipment to conduct educational, technical, scientific, and/or research activities. Twenty-five complete computer setups were provided, which included Dell Pentium CPUs, computer monitors, keyboards, mouse, cables, and three additional 15-inch computer monitors. Kalani High School will be using the equipment in two laboratories and providing computers to teachers that do not have computers.

Free Community Homebuyer Fairs Being Planned

This summer will mark the third annual event for a series of free community homebuyer fairs. The Community Homebuyer Fairs are designed to bring information to the community on how to prepare for and achieve homeownership. These homebuyer fairs are being done as a collaborative effort by a consortium of partners in the housing industry. Professionals from a variety of housing industry organizations will be on hand to share information on programs and services available in the community to help people become homeowners.

Lenders will be available to do mortgage pre-qualifications and provide free credit reports. Housing Counselors and Homebuyer Education Providers will be on hand to discuss specific concerns that people have about their potential of becoming a homeowner. Realtors will share information on how to shop for a home. Representatives from other organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, USDA Rural Development, and HUD will also be available to share information on their homeownership programs and services.

There will be four fairs conducted on Oahu and one on Maui. Each of the Oahu fairs will be on a Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on June 14, 21, 28, and July 12 in the following communities: Waimanalo, Waianae, Kalihi, and Waipahu. Details for the Maui fair are still pending, but is expected to take place in August. The fairs are free and open to anyone in the general public from any community. For more information, please call Claudine Allen at 522-8175 x223.

Kudos to Mike Flores

Michael Flores, former Community Builder and Senior Operations Specialist, is now the new Acting Director for Public Housing in the Hawaii State Office. With over 30 years of HUD experience, Mike is a welcomed addition to head Hawaii's Public Housing Hub. Congratulations Mike!


SuperNOFA Broadcasts. See schedule above. Contact HUD at 522-8175 Ext. 0 to confirm dates and times.

CPD Workshops. May 19-20, Basic Financial Training for CPD grantees presented by Rural Community Assistance Corporation. May 21-22, HOME Training for Homeless Service Providers presented by Rural Community Assistance Corporation. July 15-17, HOME Training for HOME grantees presented by ICF Consulting. August 21-22, Homeless Basics for Homeless Service Providers presented by Aids Housing of Washington, D.C. For more information, call Derrick at 522-8180 Ext. 261.

FREE Community Homebuyer Fairs

Lenders will be available to do mortgage pre-qualifications - Bring your monthly gross income and expense information. Visit with various organizations to learn more about their homeownership programs and services.

June 14: 9:00 am
to 12:00 noon
at Waimanalo District Park - Multipurpose Room
June 21: 9:00 am
to 12:00 noon
at Waianae Mall
June 28: 9:00 am
to 12:00 noon
at Kapalama School in Kalihi
July 12: 9:00 am
to 12:00 noon
at the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu

For more information, call Claudine at 522-8175 Ext. 223.

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