HUD Veteran Outreach Shows Positive Results in Louisville, Kentucky

[Photo: Louisville Field Office Director Taylor visiting homelessness encampment]
Louisville Field Office Director Taylor visiting homelessness encampment.

Recently, the HUD Kentucky Field Office Director, Christopher Taylor, HUD Senior Management Analyst David Railey, and VA Street Outreach Case Manager Dennis Cornell spent a morning visiting several known spots in Louisville Metro where homeless veterans are known to congregate; however, at first no one could be found.

The only veteran that they happened to find was at a homeless area known as Campbell Camp not far from the Ohio River near downtown Louisville. This particular veteran explained how he had already received housing help and will be moving into a townhouse within the next 2 weeks.  He was clearly excited and showed his appreciation to Mr. Taylor and the others visiting. 

"I am so happy to know that I will have my own home to live in especially with winter coming soon," said the veteran.  "You are all doing great work to help the veterans here in Louisville and I really want to thank you."

"This is a testimony to the results that are being achieved by the coordination of resources by both HUD and Rx Housing Veteran partners throughout Louisville Metro," said Mr. Taylor.


Content Archived: February 2, 2017