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HoME Buyer Education � the Best Value in Town!

[Photo: HoMEworks participants]
Participants at HoMEworks homebuying education course

Over the past 12 months, over 2,300 Mainers completed a 10-hour HoMEworks homebuyer education course before buying their home, and are glad they did. In a step-by-step format, classroom participants examine their housing needs, analyze their financial situations, and learn strategies to improve financial management in an effort to better prepare for homeownership. In addition, participants learn how to shop for a home, improve their credit, obtain a mortgage, and prepare for life as a homeowner. The classes are highly recommended for, and by, first-time homebuyers. When recent graduates were asked about their experience, they replied, �The class was great � better than great. We close on our new home next week!�

Homebuyer education classes are funded by HUD and a number of other sponsors committed to the program. This year, ten HoMEworks educators are offering 120 courses throughout the state. All educators use the same comprehensive, standardized curriculum, so there�s uniformity and consistency of information statewide. Course fees range from $0 to $30. It�s a bargain!

HoMEworks (http://www.mainehomeworks.org/) is a broad-based, industry-wide organization with a mission to educate consumers throughout the State about the homebuying process. Course schedules and registration information are available on the HoMEworks website.

More information about HUD Housing Counseling Programs and Grants can be found on the HUD web site.

Content Archived: March 21, 2011

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