Summer Place Town Homes, a Lesson in Redemption

[Photo: A group receiving an award for their team efforts]

Summer Place Town homes (formerly Cranbrook Manor), at 4901 S. Waverly Road in Lansing, Michigan, built under the old HUD 236 is a development with a long history of problems. Most recently, management and maintenance was in decline, vacancies were out of control, and drug dealers and squatters had taken up residence.

The rent structure contributed toward its problems with two- and three-bedroom units renting at hundreds of dollars below the market Making matters worse, the local public housing agency, because of the deplorable conditions at the site, refused to provide subsidy to voucher-holders who wanted to live there.

The downward spiral was halted, when Trilogy Development took ownership using a HUD insured mortgage with an Interest Reduction Payment subsidy. Extensive remodeling was done including a new community building with a neighborhood computer network facility, laundry area, on-site office, and community room. In addition, landscaping upgrades, new signage and a new playground also contributed to the transformation. Michigan State Housing Development Authority's (MSHDA) low- income housing tax credits as well as a HUD Drug Elimination Grant utilized for security features were also important sources of funding for the project.

Summer Place Town homes, with the new property manager, Medallion Management, Inc., has turned the corner. Firm rules and regulations and thorough tenant screening has helped improved the development's reputation in the community. Occupancy is now at 95%. Rents, between 20 and 30 percent below fair market, are still affordable.

This project's success is the result of a team effort among the owners, William S. Antisdale, Connie M. Antisdale, Marvin D. Veltkamp, the staff at Medallion and Summer Place and all the government agencies that participated in this endeavor, which includes the Multifamily HUD staff in both the Detroit and Grand Rapids offices.

Medallion and Trilogy recently received an award for their efforts as well as a coveted spot on the Grand Rapids Wall of Fame plaque displayed in the HUD storefront office. Pictured here with the award are left to right, Carol Alcox, HUD Multi-Family (MF) Project Manager; John Straatsma, MF Accelerated Processing Team Leader; Susie Sapilewski, MF Supervisory Project Manager; Karen Young, MF Project Manager, Mark Wester, Medallion Management and Marvin Veltkamp, Trilogy.


Content Archived: July 29, 2011