Housing Monopoly at the Minnesota State Fair

[Photo: Minnesota HUD staff at the Minnesota State Fair: Laura Simpson, Anita Olson and L. Peter Bast; sitting are Linda Parks and Patricia Mack.]
HUD staff set up an information booth at the Minnesota State Fair and provided housing information to fairgoers while also participating, believed to be the world's largest, a Monopoly game.

From August 22nd to September 2nd, HUD's Minneapolis Office employees staffed a housing information table right next to a giant Monopoly game at the fair. Working with colleagues from other housing agencies and local nonprofit groups, the federal and local housing providers offered information on how to buy a home, where to find apartments to rent, fair housing rights and responsibilities, and made time to discuss housing issues with fairgoers who had questions.

The Monopoly Game, believed to be the Worlds largest, was played on a 28 ft. x 28 ft. board, with human volunteers acting as the game pieces. Everything was oversized: the houses, the money, and the dice. Between plays, the moderators used facts and figures to educate people about the need for affordable housing and the wide variety of services available. It is an annual project of the Minnesota Housing Partnership and Housing Minnesota.

A 15-foot screen provided information from a variety of sponsors - including 12 separate messages from HUD. The Fair drew 1.7 million people and the Monopoly game and the housing information table was seen and visited by thousands of fair visitors.

Content Archived: July 22, 2011