Display Exhibition at the Mall of America

[Photo: A group of HUD employees]
Left to right: Stephen Gronewald (Legal), Patricia Mack (Retired HUD employee), Shannon Louie (FHEO), Erika Finkler (FHEO), Midwest Regional Director Joseph Galvan, and Thomas Feeney (Minneapolis Field Office Director).

Minneapolis Field Office participates in 4th Annual Government on Display Exhibition at the Mall of America

HUD employees from the Minneapolis Field Office and Regional Director Joseph Galvan made themselves at HOME at the Mall of America's 4th annual Government on Display Exhibition on February 8 and 9th. The Government on Display Exhibition (GODE), organized by the Federal Executive Board of Minnesota, offers Federal and State Governmental agencies from across Minnesota an opportunity to interact with the public and exhibit their work.

Over 250,000 citizens attended the Mall during this year's GODE weekend, which included 36 Federal and State Agencies and representatives from every Congressional Representative and Senator from Minnesota. Patrons also had the opportunity to enjoy a continuous schedule of music, dance troupe, drill teams, and other presentations at the Mall's Rotunda area.

This year's GODE was also marked with a solemn memorial tribute to the lost NASA astronauts, led by Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton and Senator Norm Coleman's Chief of Staff, Erich Mische.

HUD's booth was again the hub of activity at GODE, as Field Office staff constructed their own HUD Home inside of the Mall. In additional to Regional Director Galvan, this year's GODE also included a series of special guest experts who answered questions about topics such as homebuyer education, rural development loan projects, the HUD home sales process, and reverse mortgages.

Content Archived: July 27, 2011